NSDC and LDBI 2015 for the first time held simultaneously in Ambon

The year 2015 is the special moment for the two national debating competition programs: Indonesian (Lomba Debat Bahasa Indonesia) and English (National School Debating Champioship) which were held at the same time in Ambon province. It started from 7 until 13 June, 2015. For NSDC 2015, there were participants from 34 provinces and 20 adjudicators from college students who participate in the National University Debating Championship.

Like NSDC 2014, the committee asked some local schools to cooperate to be the host schools for the debating competitions such as : SMAN 1 Ambon, SMAN 5 Ambon and SMAN Siwalima. The followings are the events which took place from 7 – 13 of June 2015

On Sunday, 7 June 2015, the Jakarta team departed from Soetta Airport and arrived at 17.30 at Pattimura Aiport. We all were surprised to see that many contingents from other provinces also arrived at the same time. Then, all participants headed to Natsepa Hotel for attending Character Session until very late evening.

On Monday, 8 June 2015, all the participants (NSDC & LDBI) went to Islamic Center to attend the Opening Ceremony which was conducted by Maluku Governor, Mr. Said Assagaff. After that, from 14.00-17.00, the NSDC contingents were back to Amaris Hotel for a debate workshop and it was closed by taking lottery for their team number. Jakarta team got number 14 so it meant they knew who would be their opponent and their position in the debate competition on the next day.

On Tuesday, 9 June 2015. In the morning, all the participants were taken to SMAN 1 Ambon to start the debate competition. It was the Preliminary Round 1-3. Thanks God! Jakarta team won and got victory points during round 1 up to 3. The matches started at 09.00 a.m. after the welcome ceremony by the principal of SMAN 1 Ambon and ended late in the afternoon around 05.00 p.m.

On Wednesday, 10 June 2015. The matches continued at SMAN 5 Ambon. It was the Preliminary Round 4-5. Again, we praise the Lord for giving them another victory so they got the chance to go to the Octo Final round.

On Thursday, 11 June 2015, it was a silent match for all the contingents for NSDC and LDBI and they had a study excursion & spent the rest of the day to enjoy the Cultural Performance at Liang Beach.

On Friday, 12 June 2015, Jakarta team had to be ready for the next battle that was held at SMAN Siwalima. It was the Octo Final round and Semi final. In the semi final, It was a very tough battle because they had to compete with Yogyakarta team who had been defeated on the previous day and the motion was also very hard for their position. As the result, Jakarta team got lost. In the other room, Banten team also did the same, they competed with Sul-Teng team. Jakarta and Banten teams were deeply very sad because they could not make to the Grand Final round. It meant they got the 3rd place respectively at the end.

Then, in the evening around 06.00, the event continued to Natsepa hotel for a Grand Final & Closing Ceremony. The matches were for the the 1st and 2nd place of NSDC and LDBI competitions. In the closing ceremony, all the winners got trophied including Jakarta team as the 2nd runner up.

Here are the results of NSDC 2015:

  • The 1st Best Team: Yogyakarta (Rahma Hanum Amalia, Ghazi Wira Samahita, Muhammad Haikal Satria)
  • The 2nd Best Team,: Sulawesi Tengah (Nur Indah Apriani Tiban, Syarifah Aliyah Fitrisam, Khairulbariyah)
  • The 3rd Best Team: Banten (Safira Majory, Farah Ashila Balqis Siregar, Audrey Akbaria) and Jakarta (Derril Pramana, Salsafia Putri, Tara Mecca Luna)

Then, the 24 best speakers are:

  1. Vincentius Michael (Jawa Barat)
  2. Mohammad Ilham Akbar (Jawa Barat)
  3. Muhammad Haikal Satria (DI Yogyakarta)
  4. Safira Majory (Banten)
  5. Judith Gracia Adha (Kalimantan Barat)
  6. Farah Ashila Balqis Siregar (Banten)
  7. Syarifah Aliyah Fitrisam (Sulawesi Tengah)
  8. Fairuz Ikbar Octa (Aceh)
  9. Derril Pramana (DKI Jakarta)
  10. Monica Gracia Irjanto Putri (Jawa Tengah)
  11. Rahma Hanum Amalia (DI Yogyakarta)
  12. Salsafia Putri (Jakarta)
  13. Khairulbariyah (Sulawesi Tengah)
  14. Tara Mecca Luna (Jakarta)
  15. Nur Indah Apriani Tiban (Sulawesi Tengah)
  16. Gresia Oktoria (Riau)
  17. Vincentius Dauhan (NTT)
  18. Sonia Effendy (Kalimantan Barat)
  19. Muhammad Rizky (Aceh)
  20. Sarah Aurelia (Riau)
  21. Olga Putri Atsira (Jatim)
  22. Tiffani Alvina Herdiana (Jawa Barat)
  23. Cut Nadhirah Faisal (Aceh)
  24. Yari Katar Knelissen (Sumatera Barat)

Although Jakarta did not get the 1st or 2nd rank as the winner team, they still got another chance to be selected among the 24 best speakers to represent Indonesian Team in the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany. Let us give full supports to Derril and pray for him so he can take this opportunity to do his best as he is the 9th best speaker. Through his hard efforts, he is able to be selected. (EV/Derril-SMAK 1)