Smukiez Choir Brotherhood

As we know, SMUKIEZ CHOIR has been making family since 1986. We have several ways to make this happen. One of them is by conducting an annual choir camp that we call ‘consolidation’. The purpose of this event is to consolidate the spirit of ‘family’, not just between the current members but also alumni, conductor (Pak Paulus) and parent teachers (Bu Acsa and Bu Nesty).

We usually hold the camp for three days in a private villa. Some of the activities there are playing games, singing together, and also the tradition of writing letters to every member of the choir.

The committee of the camp prepare some envelopes with our names on them and every member decorates each other’s envelope with interesting pictures or signatures. After that we write on a little piece of paper to each of our friends a message or our impression or anything. We can also write about our feelings, hopes, etc. By doing this, we hope that we can strengthen our team-work and motivate each other to do better everyday. (Immanuel-XI MIPA 3)